Type I & II Push Pull Handle Model

LKM10KH Type I with X-10 KO

Photo shows Type I with the SDC 920 Keypad


The LKM10K Push Pull Handle Model meets Type I & II Criteria of the FF-L-2890C Federal Specification

Type I – Push Pull Standalone Access Control Model (NEW)
Type II – Push Pull Existing Access Control Model


It is designed to provide tiered levels of security, while always providing single motion egress.  This device is compatible with any high security combination lock meeting FF-L-2740B, as well as a variety of access control devices.  The LKM10K Lock Series’ life safety and security features meet FF-L-2890C.  The combination lock represents the first level of security. The access control device represents the second level of security.  All models include the Key Override Function, which if utilized it will negate the access control device in the event of a power failure or malfunction.  The image above shows the Key Override installed with the Fire Rated Escutcheon in use.


Series:  LKM10K

Model:  Handle

GSA Type:  I and II

Lock:  Kaba Mas X-10 (shown) or S&G 2740B

Strike: # 1 Flush Inswing Door Single or Double Door Regular Bevel

Strike: #2  Outswing Door Single Door Reverse Bevel

Strike: #3  Inswing Door Surface Mount Single or Double Door Regular Bevel

Strike: #9  Inactive Door Double Door Reverse Bevel

Type I – Pedestrian Door Pre-Assembled Lock (PDPL)

    • Utilizes mechanical access control

    • ADA compliant

    • Single motion egress

    • Non-handed

  • 90 minute fire rating


Type II – Pedestrian Door Pre-Assembled Lock (PDPL)

    • Utilizes eletronic access control

    • ADA compliant

    • Single motion egress

    • Non-handed

  • 90 minute fire rating

Compliance & Certifications

    • FF-L-2890C Approved

    • GSA Approved

    • U.L. Fire Rated

  • NFPA 80 & 101 Life Safety


Dead Bolt – The FF-L-2890C specification requires a locking device equipped with dead bolt and trigger mechanism that operates when the combination lock is in the locked position.  The dead bolt automatically extends into the locked position when the trigger mechanism engages the strike.

Encapsulated Strike – The LKM10K Lock Series comes with a strike that surrounds the dead bolt for reinforced security.  As specified four strikes are available for inswing, outswing & pairs of doors.

High Security Combination Lock Compatibility – The LKM10K Lock Series is designed to work with any standard footprint combination lock meeting Federal Specification FF-L-2740B (Kaba Mas X-10 and S&G 2740B).  No modificiations to the deadbolt is required.

Access Control Device Compatibility – The LKM10K Lock Series is an electrified lock and is compatible with a variety of electronic access control devices (12v or 24v DC – 1 amp).

Security In Depth - When both the combination lock and access control device are installed with the LKM10K Lock tiers of security are created.
 First Tier – FF-L-2740B approved combination lock
 Second Tier – Access Control Device or Key Override

Example of Day Locking – The supervisor “unlocks/opens” the combination lock to allow staff to enter throughout the day by utilizing the access control device.  The LKM10K Lock Series provides this managerial control.  However, once the combination lock is “locked/closed” the access control device  and Key Override is negated.

Monitoring Switches – Device Dead Bolt, Combination Lock & Request to Exit (REX) – Standard in all LKM10K Lock Series Models, but use is optional.  When connected you have the ability to monitor the bolt position on both the LKM10K Lock and combination lock.  REX can be used to monitor bolt position or shunt the door alarm.


Single Motion Egress Handle (Push/Pull Model) – One simple push or pull of the ADA and UFSA compliant handle allows exit.  One hand guarantees a safe & easy exit even in emergency situations.   (Type I & II)

Key Override Option – A separate module is no longer necessary for this option. Key Override is standard on all LKM10K Lock Series models.  However, it is optional to utilize, so it can be added with little effort at a later date if necessary.   We recommend Key Override because it allows a key to “override” the access control device only.  It will not override the combination lock.  This capability is particularly important during the event of power outage, failure or malfunction of an access control device, or an emergency that requires expedited entry.


UL Fire Rating – The LKM10K Lock Series is UL Listed.   90 minute rating when installed with a Kaba Mas X-10 combination lock & 20 minute rating when installed with a S&G 2740B.   This rating is in accordance with the Standard, “Positive Pressure Fire Test of Door Assemblies”, ANSI/UL 10C, UBC 7-2 (1997).  

Illuminated Labels – All models of the LKM10K feature an illuminated label for easy visibility in no/low light situations.


Interchangeable – You can install the LKM10K Lock Series in your facility and maintain a consistent look since the appearance of the Exterior Trim has not changed.

Retrofittable - Simply remove the existing LKM7000 Lock Series attach our Retrofit Fixture modify a few existing holes then install either the Push Pull Handle Model or Panic Bar Model.

Field Tested - With over 25,000 LKM7000 Lock Series in use today, we are confident the improvements we have made in our next generation LKM10K Lock Series will exceed your expectations.  We’ve conducted our own internal 1,000,000 cycle tests as well has had a unit in the field for over a year, with great success.  

Easy Operation – The internal linear bearing allows for easy entry and exit even with heavy loads applied to the door.

Easy To Order – All three models includes everything you need, no add-ons.  You get the Pedestrian Exit Device, the combination lock, the strike, Key Override option and three internal Monitoring “Alarm” Switches.  

LKM10K Push Pull Handle Model Information Sheet




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