Exit Only Model

LKM10K Exit Both

The LKM10K Exit Only Model does not meet FF-L-2890B as there is not a combination lock provided.  However it is approved for government use.  Our Exit Only Model is designed with no exterior trim to control the flow of traffic into rooms with multiple entrances, while always providing single motion egress. It is available with both  Push Pull Handle or Panic Bar interior trim.




Series:  LKM10K

Model:  Exit Only Push Pull

Strike: # 1 Flush Inswing Door Single or Double Door Regular Bevel

Strike: #2 Outswing Door Single Door Reverse Bevel

Strike: #3 Inswing Door Surface Mount Single or Double Door Regular Bevel

Strike: #9 Inactive Door Double Door Reverse Bevel



Compliance & Certifications

  • U.L. Fire Rated
  • NFPA 80 & 101 Life Safety


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LKM10K Exit Only Model


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